soyouthinkyouknowaboutdesign: an index of possibilities
the design philosophy of Rod Clark MA(RCA)

The result of forty years activity in the design world and of three years of intensive research, writing and design. Publication will start in August 2017.
The Sections (another name for Chapters) will initially be published as A0 PDF files – the 6400% zoom capability allowing content to be structured in a wholly original way. There are currently over two hundred Sections and these will be published one by one starting with Contents; building into a comprehensive analysis and fully-indexed reference of the thinking behind, the achievements and the potentials of design.
Written for students, academics, designers, design managers, anyone with an interest in design and the general reader.
When the PDF files have all been published in digital form they will be reconfigured as a printed book. By purchasing the individual PDFs, at very low cost, you will be helping the project to reach its overall fruition in book form.

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